Why You Should Digitize Your Videos 2018-03-27T15:23:43+00:00

Why convert your video tapes to digital format?

Because you won’t be having the playback devices to play those videos anymore.

We all remember our early memories captured in VHS and camcorder tapes. This was a great and convenient way to capture life’s special moments, but an imperfect way to store them. The magnetic particles in the tape can become unstable, and videos fade away over time and with each time the tape is watched.

Another hard truth is VCRs, Super 8mm film projectors, Camcorders are already out of the market and many stores no longer carry these machines. And it is extremely difficult to find replacement parts even if you have one such machine at home. Also it is cumbersome to watch video tapes in your home VCR (if you are lucky enough to have a working model) and search for your favorite part in the footage.

Let ScanCorner convert your videos to digital!

      • Watch on your TV or PC (with a DVD drive).
      • Make multiple copies and share with friends and family.
      • DVDs do not fade with time or with each viewing.
      • Go directly to the scenes you want to watch.
      • Digital form enables video editing and personalization.

Go to Supported Formats to discover the different types of formats we support.

Your memories are priceless. Let us digitize your videos before they fade.

Our Services

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Quality digital images from negatives. All negative sizes, from 35mm to large format. More
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Convert your slides to digital images, even from glass slides. More
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APS Negative Scanning
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Video Conversion
Convert your VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8 and MiniDV video tapes to digital format on DVD. More
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Cassette tape audio captured to a digital file on DVD. More