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Slide Scanning Service

Let us scan your slides for optimum quality!

The slide is the classic format in analogue photography. Do you remember your childhood playmates, your travels or other beautiful family moments? When did you last bring out your slide projector and look at these special moments? Now you  can have your slides digitised and enjoy them soon on your TV or tablet, in the same way you already enjoy your images captured on mobile phone or digital camera.

Slide Formats We Scan

35mm slide glass slide 35mm for scanning glass slides medium format for scanning slides 110 126 format for scanning
Standard Slide 35mm Glass Slide 35mm Medium Format Slide to 6x9cm 110mm, 126mm Slides

What We Offer

We scan your slides at very high quality and restore each image manually pixel by pixel.

  • High quality digitization at 3000 DPI as standard

  • Manual dust & scratch removal by digitally editing your scan files on computer

  • Color & brightness adjustment on each image to provide optimal results

  • Free online gallery & personalised DVD

See all of the features that make ScanCorner Australia’s best value scanning service.

Before Slide Scanning After Slide Scanning

Prices for Slide Scanning

Standard Slides 35mm35mm slide3000 dpi$0.53
Glass Slides 35mmglass slide 35mm for scanning3000 dpi$1.00
Glass Slides
< 6x9 cm
glass slides medium format for scanning3000 dpi$2.50
Glass Slides
Other formats (e.g. 110 or half size)
slides 110 126 format for scanning3000 dpi$1.00
High Resolution
in TIFF Format
4000 dpi+ $0.30 / image

Our Slide Scanning Workflow

Scanning workflowSimply place your order by filling out our online form (click the orange Order button below). Then print and send the order confirmation email together with your media to the address provided. There is no prepayment required, nor do we take credit card details. Just sit back and let us get on with the job. We will keep you informed of the progress of your order with updates along the way at key milestone events. Learn more about our workflow and order processing details.

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Slide Scanning FAQ’s

Which Formats does your Scanning Support?

We scan various formats of slides like Standard Slides, Kodachrome Slides, Glass Slides, Medium Format Slides, Ektachrome Slides. The sizes we scan include 35mm, 110, 126, 127 slides.

At what resolution do you scan the slides?

We scan standard slides at 3000 DPI. 3000 DPI is the most optimal resolution to scan 35mm film formats. Any resolution above 3000 DPI gives a higher file size without much improvement in the quality. For medium format slides, we scan at 1200 DPI.

Do you scan medium format slides?

Yes, we do scan medium format slides. We scan 120/220 medium format slides, 35mm, 110, 126, 127 slides.

My slides are very old. Can you remove mold while scanning the slides?

We generally use a cloth to clean the slides before scanning. Sometimes, we use special liquid to remove the mold. If the mold is extreme, we use restoration process to remove the mold on digital files.

What is the correct orientation for scanning slides?

Most slides will bear a brand logo or the phrase “this side facing the screen.” It is this side of the film that the scanner detector should read. The actual insertion procedure will vary from scanner to scanner.

Many of my slides are faded. Can you restore the colors?

At ScanCorner, we provide free manual color correction and restoration for each slide. This is part of our process and is included in our price. Our restoration experts spend 3 minutes on each image to restore the colors, adjust the brightness and remove dust & scratches. We use Adobe Photoshop Elements editing software to do the restoration work.

Do you scan glass or glass mounted slides?

We do scan glass or glass mounted slides. We remove the glass frame, put the slide in the plastic slide holder and scan the slide. Sometimes, we scan the slides as they are and use Adobe Photoshop Elements to restore the scanned slides.

How do you ensure that the slides won't get cropped?

Most slides are of standard size and the photo scanners are designed to suit this shape. So, for standard slides no cropping happens. But there are some non-standard slides like a rectangular negative fit into the standard slide. In such cases, photo scanner crops the image as they aren’t designed to scan these non-standard negatives. At ScanCorner, we don’t scan the whole frame and manually crop the image part. This way, we ensure that the slides won’t get cropped.

Do you also do image restoration after scanning the slides?

Yes, we do scan and restore each slide. When you scan a slide at a very high resolution, you can find lots of dust and scratches on the slide. Even after employing Digital ICE, there are still some dust and scratches left on the slide. We use Adobe Photoshop Elements to restore the slides. We remove the scratches, perform color correction, do brightness and shadow adjustment on the slides. Our experts spend at least 3 minutes to restore each and every slide.

How to pack slides to ship to ScanCorner?

There are multiple ways to safely pack slides to ship to us. The easiest solution is to pack all slides into one or several plastic bags, put them into a sturdy carton box and ship to us. Sorting the slides can consume lot of time. So, we suggest you to ship those slides to us and after scanning, sort the digital files into various folders. You can find more information about packaging slides
Packaging tips

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We Respect Your Media

Discover how we treat them . . .

Our Quality Promise

Your personal memories are very important to us. Therefore, each negative strip or slide is cleaned by hand before it is scanned. For the best result and the best quality, each scanned image is also manually post-processed. No speck of dust will detract from the pleasure of your memories!

$500 compensation in the extremely unlikely event of loss

We attach great importance to the careful tracking of your media – we guarantee it will be well-protected throughout both the scanning process and the transportation between ScanCorner locations. We are so confident in our processes that if your items (minimum order value $100) are lost while in our possession, we will provide a one-time payment of $500 [coverage excludes loss during forward or return post].

Everything your pictures need is included in our service:

  • Preparatory cleaning of media surfaces
  • High quality scanning at minimum 3000 DPI
  • Manual scratch removal on the digital file
  • Manual colour optimisation
  • Manual brightness adjustment
  • Where necessary: cropping, rotating, red eye removal, and image grain reduction all at no extra charge
  • Free online gallery and personalised DVD

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