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Our Global Scanning Centre

We have a state of the art scanning and digital conversion facility in India

ScanCorner AG is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and has several satellite affiliates in a number of countries across Europe, as well as Australia. It also has a fully-owned subsidiary in Hyderabad, India. Hyderabad is the second largest IT city in India. Renowned companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook all have offices there. All scanning and restoration work from all the ScanCorner affiliates across the globe is performed at our Global Scan Centre facility in Hyderabad, India.
Please note: Despite what many competitors imply, ScanCorner is not a sweatshop. While we believe there is nothing inherently wrong with outsourced services, some potential customers will prefer to have their media dealt with at a local Australian scanning service provider. In this case, we recommend our partner, Cahoots.

The Story Behind ScanCorner :

    • The aim in establishing ScanCorner was to deliver the best quality scanning jobs at the most affordable price to the consumers. When we did the research, we found that many other companies’ offers are very inconvenient to the customers, expensive and not of high quality.
    • In order to make this happen, we decided to move our production operations to Hyderabad, India. This city is well-established as an outsourcing destination, which reassured us in our decision.

How It Helps Our Quality:

    • Each image is scanned manually by a highly qualified member of our team working in Hyderabad.
    • Many of our competitors use an automated scanning process, which in most cases leads to rather poor scanning results.
    • An employee works on an image for three minutes, doing color correction, brightness adjustment and other improvements.
    • Then all the images are uploaded into an online gallery. The customer can then approve the quality of the images or request specific improvements. Once all the images are approved, we burn the images onto a DVD.
    • We believe we offer the best value, most comprehensive service at an extremely competitive price. The reason we can offer so much for the price is because the scanning is done at our Global Scan Centre in India. In the event you do not wish to utilise this service, we can offer you an alternative “in country” scanning service through our partner, Cahoots (who are located in Subiaco, Perth). Naturally, the cost of local labour means the cost of local scanning is correspondingly greater.

Safety & Security:

    • In India, we have built a state-of-the-art digitisation facility that meets the standards of the IT companies in India.
    • None of your images can leave the scanning facility either in analogue nor digital format because of the safety measures taken in setting up the facility.
    • Many local competitors scan their customers’ images at home during the evenings. This means that the privacy and security of their images is highly questionable.
    • We partnered with FedEx and DHL, the leading logistics service providers, for the end-to-end logistics. We can proudly say that we haven’t lost a single photo or video so far and are so confident this will continue to be the case, we offer you a $500 safe handling guarantee.

Employee Satisfaction:

    • The working conditions at ScanCorner meet the standards of the IT industry. We offer our employees a high quality work environment.
    • We also privide our employees with extensive training in various departments. For example, once a month they take English language training and a training course on soft skills.
    • The salaries of our employees match industry standards. We take this very seriously and strictly adhere to all government regulations.
    • So every order you place creates sustainable employment in a developing country and helps give our employees a livelihood and a decent standard of living. At the same time, you get great value for your money since you get unbeatable quality at the lowest possible price.