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Our Security & Data Protection Measures

Because the security of you precious memories is our top priority.

At ScanCorner we see ourselves as a modern, highly professional scanning, video/film conversion, and image restoration service. Because our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction, we attach great importance to the careful handling of your media – we guarantee it will be well-protected throughout both the scanning/digital conversion process and the transportation between our facilities.

Strict security procedures are in place for the scanning and digital conversion of your media:

    • Your order will be opened with the manager watching.
    • We weigh your order and count your media.
    • Our policy requires that only one of our highly-qualified staff will undertake the work associated with your order.
    • Our scanning center is under video surveillance at all times.
    • Once the order is finished, material and weight are checked again by the manager.
$500 compensation in the extremely unlikely event of loss

We attach great importance to the careful tracking of your media – we guarantee it will be well-protected throughout both the scanning process and the transportation between ScanCorner locations. We are so confident in our processes that if your items (minimum order value $100) are lost while in our possession, we will provide a one-time payment of $500 [coverage excludes loss during forward or return post].

We Track Your Media

Our Trusted Logistics Partners

We use Fedex and DHL as our logistic partners for transporting media internally between locations. This ensures the highest rates of safe delivery and allows us to track all items, so the risk of loss is virtually eliminated. In the unlikely event of your media going missing while in our care we will compensate you for emotional loss up to $500 with our Safe Handling Guarantee.


Your Media is Safe

Our Global Scanning Centre is under constant video surveillance so nothing happens without our knowledge. We make sure that no package and no order leaves our production facility during the scanning or digital capture process and all incoming and outgoing orders are in clear view of our operations manager. Thus, we guarantee that your valuable material is always safe with us.

Data Privacy

Your Data is Ringfenced

Our computers for scanning and editing do not have Internet access, so your data will only be stored internally on our server and cannot be made publicly available on the Internet. Your online gallery and download links are password protected, so only those people you wish will be able to access them. Lastly, your personal information will not be shared with third parties.