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Free Online Gallery

Review your newly scanned files and share your gallery with friends and relatives, if desired.

Your Online Gallery

Your gallery will consist of low resolution thumbnail images. Please note that only you have access to this password protected area and that it is your choice whether or not you wish to share this gallery with other people.

After completing your order, the gallery will automatically be deleted after two months.

Free Personalised DVD(s)

With our standard service every customer receives a free personalised DVD

Personalized DVD(s) - included for free! *

On the DVD, you will receive your manually processed high-resolution images in JPEG format (or in TIFF format, if you have selected this option). For video tapes and movies, you will also receive a personalised DVD, with the converted videos stored in VOB autoplay format as standard. Also note that we use a DVD for each cassette or tape by default.

Free download link

The convenience of a download link adds further value to our service

Your files are available for download as soon as we receive payment

At ScanCorner we are always looking for better ways to enhance the value of the service we provide. Now you no  longer need to wait for your DVD to arrive since we provide our customers with a download link of their finalised digital files.

Online Gallery

The gallery also functions as a proofing service, so please let us know immediately in the rare event that you note any issues with the results of the scanning and manual enhancement process.

Most of our customers appreciate the gallery service. However, in the event you do not want a gallery created, please indicate this when ordering.

If your order contained videos for conversion, the gallery will contain a 3 minute preview. For images, the gallery will also contain scans of any labels that are associated with any organisation of media that you may have provided (such as envelope or bag labels).

online gallery grid

Personalised DVD

Example personalised DVD containing scans of slides, negatives or photosUnique memories require unique packaging! Both the cover of the DVD case and the DVD will be customized with images of your order. Your memories are very important to us and trust that your personalised DVD will be treasured for years to come. We provide it as a one-time gift at no extra charge in our standard service.

Depending on the size of the order, you will receive one or more different DVDs. In general, it is possible to save about 750 to 800 pictures or about 75 minutes of film (in VOB format) on a DVD.

If you wish, you can also reorder this personalized DVD and give your family members or friends a lot of enjoyment. For more information about an additional DVD please click here.

Download Link

As soon as payment has been received, a download link to your order will be activated.

Do not worry, we take the privacy of your memories and data very seriously. Therefore, only you have access to this link. Of course, you can share this with your friends and relatives if you wish.

You entrust your private media to us, so we minimise any risk of unauthorised access to this sensitive data by removing the download facility no later than two weeks after activation. If desired, you can find more information about our provider of cloud services at the Dropbox website.

download scan files