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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take the slides out of the frame, when you scan them?

Yes, for scanning the slides, we have to take them out of the frame. Afterwards we put them back into the original frames. In rare cases, as with glass slides, it can happen that we have to put them in a new frame.

How long the high-resolution images will be saved?

We retain the images after the completion of your order for another 45 days.

Can I mark on the negative strip images that I do not want to have scanned Or can I cut the strips (cut off unwanted photos)? If so, how many pictures must minimally be present on the strip, so that the negatives can be scanned?

Unfortunately you would have to cut the strip, if you want to have only a few images scanned. It is also possible, when there is only one image.

The link to my online gallery doesn't work.

If this happens, please send us an e-mail reporting the problem to and we will send you promptly a new password.

I have a big amount of images. How much fits on a DVD?

On one DVD, approximately 3000 images fits in JPEG-format. If you want the original Tiff-files, it´s less.

Can you delete images or whole files, if I don't like them?

Yes, just give us the number in your online-gallery respectively the folder name and then we will delete those images. Please consider this has no impact on your invoice as you will be charged for processing all the images.

The pictures in the online gallery don't look that spectacular. Why? Is there something wrong?

The pictures in the online gallery are reductions (so-called Thumbnails) and have been reduced to a size of ca. 200 kB. The resolution is therefore much lower than the ones on the CD/DVD that you’ll receive. The pictures in the gallery serve as a first quality check. So if you detect other defects other than resolution and sharpness or if you have particular wishes, e.g. regarding light (brightness), picture detail (a cut at specific part), etc. then please let us know. We will work on them to make the improvements.

For how long the gallery link be active?

Link will be active for 6 months from the date of uploading.

Why do you provide an online gallery?

Because it’s convenient for you! In case you want to see your photos or share them with your friends, you can do it easily with the gallery.

Can ScanCorner scan the image for me (and then restore)?

Sure, no problem. Simply send us the photo prints by mail. Then we scan them with our modern high-end scanner, edit and restore them and send it back to you.

I don't have the digital photo. How can i send it for restoration?

No problem! You can scan the photos at high resolution using desktop scanner, save it in JPEG format and send the image to us. It is always advisable to do high quality scanning of the photo. If not, you can send us the printed photo by post. We will scan it at our facility using very high end scanners, restore the photo and send the restored photo by email.

I have sent you my whole photo collection, but I just want to scan some particular pictures, is this possible?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Looking for some selected pictures, slides or negatives from your complete photo collection would take too much time. Therefore, we scan and process the whole collection that you send us. If you want only certain pictures to be scanned, please chose them and send us only those.

Is it better to save the photos on CD or DVD?

If you prefer, we can burn your pictures on several CDs; usually several CDs should be sufficient for all of your images. However, in all other cases, we recommend you to choose a DVD for your pictures

How do you ensure that the pictures aren't reversed?

Negatives have defined front and back sides which we always check by default. However, if some slides were classified the wrong way around, it’s possible that the scanned pictures are also reversed. Please check if this is the case when looking at the thumbnails in your gallery and let us know by contacting us at

Why is it better to scan negatives than photos?

As a photo from the photo laboratory was developed out of the informations of the negative, its resolution is necessarily lower. In other words, a negative scanner is able to extract more image information out of a negative and provide a higher resolution for the digital picture. Moreover, negatives are usually in better condition than their photo print counterparts.

Which scanner do you use?

Currently we use Canon 9000F and Epson Perfection V700 and V750 scanners with add on supplies for good quality scanning.

What sizes of negatives do you digitize?

For an overview of all negatives that we digitize, please have a look at

Do you digitize medium format negatives?

Yes, we do. Our scanners are well suited to scan medium format negatives.

Can you burn the digitized photos on CD?

Sure, just mention it in the order form that you prefer a CD instead of a DVD.

Do you digitize disc negatives?

Yes, we do. However, we ask you to contact us in advance and describe your disc negative first.

I have 2 negatives to scan, can you scan those for me?

Sure, but only if you add some additional material to scan, as our minimum order value amount is $10. So simply familiarise yourself with the scope of our services and consider adding extra items for capture/conversion. Otherwise you will still incur the minimum $10 order charge.

Do you cut the film while scanning?

No. You can be assured that the film can be scanned without cutting. For any exceptional case, we will inform you in advance and will do it only after your approval.

What is Digital ICE?

Digital Image Correction and Enhancement (Digital ICE) is a set of technologies which is integrated in a large number of high-end quality scanners. It is highly reliable and offers spectacular quality improvements as it automatically removes different surface defects (dust, scratches) from scanned images.

I lost my scanned images and also lost the CD. What next?

By default, all your scanned images are stored in our server for 45days from the date of delivery of your order, after which they are removed permanently. During this period, you can order another DVD containing your images by quoting your order number. This costs just 50 INR per DVD and Shipping charges will be extra. We can also provide you with a download link containing the high resolution images for which you will be charged 25 INR/GB.

Why should you digtize old photos/negatives/slides ?

There is a saying “There are few things money can’t buy” and ‘memories’ is one of those few things. We should scan photos to cherish the sweet memories of the past. When was the last time your entire family sat together and went through the old photos that were stacked in the shoeboxes and shoved underneath the bed? Through scanning you can

1. Preserve all the photos onto your laptop or home server

2. Create multiple copies of the pictures and share with your near and dear ones

3. Create photo albums and gift those to loved ones on special occasions

4. Get rid of the stacks of photos stored in various corners of the house

5. Label them, organize them, put notes on them.

How much time will it take to restore a photo?

The time taken depends on the amount of restoration work required and on how quick the review process happens. On an average, it takes around 5-7 days from receiving order to delivery of restored photo through email.

Why do my B&W photos still have scratches whereas color ones don't ?

At ScanCorner, we use Canon and Epson scanners that have a built-in Digital ICE hardware functionality. This functionality removes the scratches on film while scanning the film. Unfortunately, this functionality is available only for Color negatives. Till date there is no such application available for B&W negatives. So, we remove the scratches on the film manually using photo editing tools. But in our standard service scheme, we can remove scratches only to a certain extent. If the negative has lots of scratches, we can’t remove all those in standard service. That explains why B&W negatives still have scratches while color ones don’t. If you wish to have all the scratches removed on certain negatives, you can opt for advanced restoration for those particular negatives. The price for advanced restoration varies from photo to photo, depending on the severity of the damage. Advanced restoration is chargeable on a photo to photo basis.

Is the original photo I send to you safe? Do you alter the original?

We can assure you that your photo will be safe with us. The original picture is scanned to obtain a digital copy. All restoration work is done using the digital copy only. Your original will be returned unharmed.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we do offer free estimates. Once we receive the images, we go through it and classify it as minor, moderate or extensive restoration. We will then get back to you with our estimate.

Can I watch the DVDs you send in the DVD player?

These DVDs or CDs can usually be viewed on your DVD/CD player or computer. There is a very rare chance for some old DVD or CD players which are not capable of playing those file formats. In that case usage of computers are recommended for reliability.

What are my various post scanning storage options?

At this moment we are offering four storage options

1) Online Storage
3) USB
4) Hard Disk

Online storage (Download link) is the default option, along with one of the other three storage option for free (We choose the type of storage media offered for free depending on the order size). In case that the customer wants to opt-in for additional storage options, prices for these storage options are additional. Prices below:

Additional DVD(s) 50 INR/DVD

Additional USB/ Hard Disk prices:
8 GB USB INR 500
16 GB USB INR 750
32 GB USB INR 1000
64 GB USB INR 1500
512 GB Hard Disk INR 4000
1024 GB Hard Disk INR 5000

How big can I enlarge the scanned pictures?

Printing and enlarging photos depends on usage. The acceptable quality varies according to usage and image itself. 300 pixels per inch is considered a standard in most cases and at that standard, a paper photo can be enlarged to twice the size without any decrease in sharpness.
Slides and negatives can be printed in much larger sizes. At our standard scanning resolution of 3000dpi, a 35mm negative could be printed, photo quality, at 9" x 13", roughly.

Can my friends and family view my online gallery?

On completion of scanning, your scanned images will be uploaded to our online gallery and a link will be sent to your email id (used for registration). You can view the images by clicking on the link and you are free to forward the link to anyone. This is the very purpose of having an online gallery. Go and share your memories!

How do you send the soft copies to me after scanning is done?

You would get a free download link for the high resolution images along with a set of DVDs or a USB or Hard disk for free. The type of storage media chosen depends on the size of the order. If the storage volume will exceed 40 DVDs, a different type of storage will be used: either a USB stick or a HDD. In this case you would be charged accordingly. For prices:

What kind of technical knowledge is required?

1. Skill to operate Epson V700 or other similar scanning equipment
2. Adobe Photoshop expertise
3. Clear understanding of image properties
4. Good knowledge on how to enhance an image by modifying its various properties
5. Idea on how to organize pictures, label those pictures, number them and store them.

I still want to scan by myself, how to do it?

Below are the steps to be followed, if you want to do the scanning by yourself and produce equivalent quality scans offered by ScanCorner.

1. Long hours of scanning (50 hours of scanning for 300 photos, 4 months if you dedicate 3 hours per weekend).
2. Purchase high-end Epson scanner for scanning the printed photos @ Rs. 30000 and upwards.
3. Have a desktop/laptop with high end processor and 4 GB RAM.
4. Install the software that comes with the scanner and get a clear understanding of various setting options and their advantages.
5. Take all the photos/negatives out and start scanning manually.
6. After every individual scan, open the imaging software for cropping and apply image enhancement techniques to each image(You need to purchase such application separately).
7. Save the image in a clearly numbered folder and store it.

Can't I scan images myself?

It is possible to scan images yourself. However, to obtain a good quality scan, you would need long hours of intense engagement with a good quality scanner, besides skillful working with photo restoration tools. We have invested in the best quality and costly scanning equipment with a highly trained crew of media technicians to give you the best possible output, saving your valuable time and effort. Further, our gallery allows you to share your photos with your friends and relatives and also facilitates uploading to photo sharing sites such as picasa and flickr. We also store your scanned images in our server for 45 days, in case you want an additional digital copy at a later stage.

How to place order for Photo Restoration?

Please fill in your requirements under Place order section on the website. On successful placement of order, you will receive a confirmation email which you need to take a print-out and send it along with your order. We do restoration over 3 level iteration process, i.e., once we finish the restoration, we send you the restored photo. If you are expecting some more changes, you can communicate with us and we will incorporate those changes. There will be maximum of 3 revisions and after that the output will be considered final. So, make sure you communicate all your changes within the first 2 revisions effectively

Why should we outsource to a service company?

A professional service company does the scanning job at a much lower cost than the cost incurred in doing it by yourself. Below are the reasons for the same

1. High quality scan equipment is very expensive. So, the cost isn't justified for home use.
2. Scanning is a labour intensive work. It requires a dedicated resource to perform the job.
3. Quality scanning work requires expertise in photoshop, image properties, colour enhancement techniques.

Using ScanCorner’s service, you not only save your valuable time and money incurred, but you also get a better quality scanning output. Image scanning is a one-time activity. So, go for the best quality. Your precious memories deserve the best.

Can I select only a particular section of video to be digitized?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, as we only digitize the whole video. However, we add a scene selection, so that you can select and, if necessary edit, your favourite scene.

How long will it take to digitize the videos?

The time taken to digitize the videos depends mainly on the total order quantity. For an order size of 10 videos, it takes around 7 days to process the order and ship back the DVDs.

Can I also digitize my Mini-DVDs with you?

Yes, we also offer this service. However, there are some formats which do not support. Therefore, we would request you, to inform us in advance, which format you own.

Do you also offer .mov at the conversion from video-format?

If you desire, we can do that for you.

Can you burn the digitized videos on CD?

Yes, sure. Just let us know if you prefer to get your videos on CD.

Video is distorted when playing my video cassette. Can you sort it?

Actually, this largely depends on the particular case. You might send us the distorted video and we’ll do our very best - if it’s not possible, we will send back the video cassette and you don't need to pay for it.

Audio is distorted when playing my video cassette. Can you sort it?

Again, we can’t give you a general answer. But as for video distortions, you might just send us the cassette in question.

What other variants of VHS Cassettes you digitize?

We digitize different types of VHS Cassettes like VHS, S-VHS and VHS C.

I have huge collection of Video Cassettes, can you give me a quote?

The conversion of your videos is charged according to the working time necessary and varies depending on the number and type of the videos. You’ll find a complete price list here:

Do you retain sound track when digitizing Super 8mm films?

No, due to technical difficulties we aren't able to digitize audio on Super 8-Videos.

What various video formats do you support?

A complete list is available here:

Will there be audio on my DVD?

Yes, audio will be included. We will capture audio that is already present on your tape into DVD. There is no additional charge for capturing audio. For the Super 8 films, we cannot, unfortunately digitize the audio.

Do you customize the DVD?

We will personalize your DVD case with a picture from the scenes on your DVD. We also include Chapters and Menu in a standard DVD format making it easy to watch.

Can I play digitised videos in DVD Player?

Normally, you can play our DVD in most of the home DVD players and also on your computer, with standard software. However, for some home DVD players there could possibly be an incompatibility.

Do the employees watch video while digitization?

The process of digitization itself requires attention of the employee throughout the entire digitization process. This itself explains the complexity involved in converting VHS to DVD but as we always mention that our processing center is highly secure. There is no USB, Internet, Other Data Transfer access on any of these systems. So, you can be rest assured that no data goes out of our digitization facility.

Do you store my digitized video after my order is complete?

We retain a backup of your video for a duration of 45 days. This is to ensure that you have a backup if there is some problem with the DVD/ Download link. You can request for an additional copy of the video within these 45 days. Charges applicable.

Can I send in both photos and video at the same time?

You can, definitely. In our place order section, please enter the number of photographs and number of videos you wish to digitize.

Will I get to review my video content before I receive my DVD?

No, unlike with photos where you have gallery to review photos, it is not possible to review your footage before DVD delivery. But you can be confident about the fact that we provide the best quality video digitization service in India.

Can you repair my tape if it is physically damaged?

It largely depends on the kind and extent of damage on a particular tape. we can repair the tapes but we can’t guarantee that the tape will be repaired. So, you can send us the distorted video tape. We shall do our best to repair. If we can’t repair the tape, we shall send it back to you at no additional cost.

Will my converted Super8 tape have audio?

If the actual Super8 tape has audio in it, then the converted material will also have the audio. The resulting film on DVD will sound just like the original. Audio transfer to DVD is already included in the price.

Can I select only a particular section of video to be digitized?

Unfortunately not. At this moment, we digitize the whole video. However, we add a scene selection so that you can select you directly watch your favorite scenes. But if you have a very big order (> 1800 mins), we can consider it. Please send an e-mail to us. Our customer care executive shall get back to you.

Can I view the digitized material before you send it to me?

Yes. We shall upload a 3 min preview of the digitized video to our online gallery and send you the link. If you have any major concerns with the quality of the digitized material, you can let us know.

How is the Super8 conversion priced at ScanCorner?

At ScanCorner, we charge video conversion on a per minute basis. i.e. We don’t charge by the total number of tapes we receive but by the actual recorded video footage present in the tape. Our Super8 conversion is priced at INR 60.00/Min. We offer bulk discounts for volumes starting from 1200 minutes. Click hereto know more about the Super8 conversion discounts.

Do you store the digitized video after the Super8 conversion process?

We store the digitized video for 45 days after the order is complete. i.e. After you receive your DVD. So, we ask our customers to make copies immediately after they receive the DVDs.

Can I send both photos and videos at the same time?

Yes. You can send both photos and video tapes at the same time. While placing the order, please select format type “Both” if you are sending both Super8 tapes and photos

Can you repair my Super8 tape if it is physically damaged?

It largely depends on the kind and extent of damage on a particular tape. we can repair the tapes but we can’t guarantee that the tape will be repaired. So, you can send us the distorted video tape. We shall do our best to repair. If we can’t repair the tape, we shall send it back to you at no additional cost.

What codec does ScanCorner use for Super8 to DVD conversion process?

We use MPEG2 codec for transferring Super8 tape to DVD. And the bit rate usually depends on the video format being converted. We usually convert NTSC videos with 720×480 29 images/sec and PAL videos with 720×576 25 images/sec. Over years of experience in video conversion, we came up with different bit rates to suit the medium we are converting and the quality of original tape.

If I send ScanCorner multiple tapes, will those be put in one DVD?

As a process, we put each tape into a separate DVD. If you want multiple tapes in a single DVD, please do send us an e-mail.

Can I edit the footage that is on the DVD ScanCorner sends me?

To edit the footage we send you, you first need to “rip” the files from the DVD. Then you can import those files into video editing software and edit. However, there are certain limitations with this approach. The DVD we send contains compressed video footage. So, even if you successfully rip the files at highest quality settings, you still will be working with video footage this isn’t the best looking. And if you publish it again, after editing, to another DVD, it will suffer from another round of compression. So, we don’t generally recommend this approach.

What are the various resolutions you scan images at?

As part of standard scanning, negatives and slides are scanned @3000 DPI, Glass Slides @1200 DPI, medium formats are scanned @1200 DPI, large formats @600 DPI and @300 DPI, Instamatics @3000DPI, while printed photos are scanned @600 DPI.
We shall also do 4000 DPI TIFF scan based on special request. If you want such customized service, please send us an email at

How much does 3000 DPI correspond to in terms of Pixels?

In our standard service we scan at a resolution of 3000 DPI. Usually a 3000 dpi pictures is equivalent to 9 megapixel photograph with image size of 2625x3900pixel, approx size in MB is 12 for JPEG and 31MB for TIFF files. If you want to get a print of the same in 300dpi, the short side will be 9 inches.

What is DPI?

Dots per inch (DPI) is a measure of spatial printing or video dot density. It indicates the number of individual dots that can be placed in a line within the span of 1inch (2.54 cm). The DPI value usually correlates with image resolution, but is related only indirectly.

How do you ensure the quality of scans?

At ScanCorner we use high-end, industry best scanning tools to scan the images. All the images are scanned by hand. Post scanning all images are cross checked for any quality issues and if any image isn’t upto our standards, we do the manual processing again and all images go through a final review before uploading on to the site. At Scan Corner, we strongly believe in doing our best, the first time!!

How does the video conversion pricing work?

Our pricing is entirely based on total minutes of the footage digitized. The prices listed on the website is per minute basis. So, suppose if you have a standard VHS Tape containing 60 minutes footage, it costs you INR 540 to get the tape digitized.

What are the prices for the conversion of super 8mm film?

For Super8 videos we charge INR 60.00/Min. Please note, that we are currently not able to digitze audio on Super8 films.
A complete overview of the prices can be found here:

Which price do you charge, when I want to have the unedited originals back?

For the original Tiff-files we charge INR 8.00 for every image .

Does ScanCorner also offer volume discounts for video material?

Yes, ScanCorner offers you the following volume discounts based on the total number of video minutes of all formats:

>1200 min - 5% discount

>2400 min - 10% discount
>3600 min - 15% discount

How can I get the quotation for my order?

To make a rough estimate about how much your order will cost, please have a look at our prices overview. As the price for digitizing your images or videos varies depending on the quantity, format and the selected service, we can´t give you the exact amount, without these informations.

Are there hidden costs involved in the scanning?

There are "ZERO" hidden costs involved in the scanning. All the prices are listed on our website ( FOR PHOTOS: FOR VIDEOS: and the customer can refer to the site before he confirms the order.
The price listed in the website includes the following service:
1. High quality scanning
2. Dust and Scratch removal
3. Colour and Brightness adjustment
4. Noise and flicker reduction for videos
5. Online gallery and DVD

Are you the lowest scanning service provider present?

We are probably not the lowest cost provider, but surely provide the best value for money. Your photos, negatives and slides receive the best care with our trained technicians, who use sophisticated scanning equipment and software tools. The negatives and slides are cleaned with compressed air, wherever necessary, to remove dust and other minute particles. We apply a high grade photo cleaner to remove dust from printed photos. Further, we process your scanned image with Digital ICE technology to remove remaining blemishes and minor scratches. All this, with a careful eye, to give you the best possible output.

What is the pricing you charge for scanning/converting various formats?

If you want to have an overview of the prices for different photo formats, please check our website:
For photos:
For videos:

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at:

Does shipping cost extra?

Yes. Shipping costs are additional. we are unable to include shipping charges in the pricing. Some of the customers recommended including shipping charges and charging a higher amount, but we decided to opt for a transparent pricing.The prices listed on the website are for only order processing. So, in the invoice you will find the Shipping Charges included separately. This is for shipping your order back to you.

What are the various payment options available?

You can choose to pay by Cheque, Cash deposit, Demand Draft or NEFT.

How is the service billed?

The billing is done after we finish processing your order. Your account will be updated with the exact cost for the total work involved (shipping charges are mentioned separately at the bottom), and the invoice will be sent to your email id with the bank details listed at the bottom of the invoice. We shall ship your originals along with the DVD once we receive the payment.

How long will the high-resolution images be saved?

We retain the images after the completion of your order for another 45 days. In case you wish to have extra copies of the photos/videos, there will be additional fee involved. For prices:

How do you provide the high resolution scans?

We supply a free download link for the high resolution images along with your DVD(s) (or a USB stick or a Hard Disk). The type of storage media chosen depends on the size of the order. If the storage volume will exceed 40 DVDs, a different type of storage will be used: either a USB stick or a HDD, depending on the space required. In such cases you would be charged an additional fee. For prices:

What if my personalised DVDs do not work?

Do not worry!! If there is a technical issue with the DVD, we shall replace it.

Otherwise, we also provide you with a download link from where you can download the high resolution images. Please note, that this download link expires after 15 days. In the event you require another download link at a later stage, unfortunately this will incur a service fee for reinstatement of the service.

For how long ScanCorner keeps a copy of my photos?

ScanCorner keeps a copy of the high resolution photos for a period of 45 days from the date of delivery and the gallery containing the low resolution images will be live for 6 months. In the event you require extra copies at a later stage, or you lose the data during that time, we can provide an additional download link or DVD or USB containing the images. Charges are applicable.

Where is the scanning work done?

The scanning processes takes place in ScanCorner's fully equipped high-tech Global Scan Center in Hyderabad, India. Australian and European ScanCorner operations all send their media to the Global Scan Centre for processing. The city is one of India’s most prominent centres for software and business outsourcing, which allows the labour-intensive processes to be executed professionally and cost-effectively, ultimately benefitting you, the customer. Our Global Scan Centre in Hyderabad is most definitely not a sweatshop that some competitors might have you believe. However, if you have a preference for work to be maintained in Australia, we can provide you with alternative locally based services. Please get in touch to discuss how we can address your concerns.

How to package the video materials?

We recommend using a strong and rugged cardboard box. Wrap the material with bubble wrap and also put shredded papers in between to prevent movement of material inside the box during transit.

How to pack the images?

That depends a little on how you want to organise the images. The most efficient method for you is to simply place the negative strips (no photos in it) in their processing envelopes (this will possibly be labelled) and send everything in a plastic bag, in a sturdy box. If you want to organise things differently, remove the negatives from the envelopes and send them in groups in resealable plastic bags. The plastic bag protects from moisture and the bags of negatives can be labelled as needed.
For slides, if you like to send in the magazine or in groups, pack in aluminum foil and make small packages using rubber bands. If you want to play it safe, it is recommended that the slides are packed in resealable plastic bags to protect from moisture.
If you want to send photos, we recommend you to use a piece of cardboard or similar in order to protect the photos from being bent. Moreover, if you send them in a plastic bag, they will be protected from moisture. For more information, visit our Packaging Tips page where you can view general packaging tips and also navigate using the tabs, for more specific information about packing photos, slides and negatives.

How to label the photos?

In general, we recommend you to number your groups of slides and negatives (e.g. Envelope #1, etc.). In this case, we’ll scan the groups according to your order. If you’ve made a text list for this numbering, you’ll have the possibility that we rename the folders according to your list. Also, you can label the envelopes, covers or packages with additional details. We’ll then scan this cover and save this image with the negatives of the same group. For the scan of the cover/envelope, our standard scan fees apply. In case of photos, we usually scan the picture side only. If you have information on the other side of the photo and you want that to be scanned too, we kindly ask you to inform us when filling your order.

How does ScanCorner ensure the privacy of my images?

The privacy and protection of your images is of vital concern to us. To prevent misuse of your photographic images and to protect your privacy, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure your personal property. Access to your photographs is strictly controlled both physically and electronically. Your photographs and scanned images are never shared with third parties nor used for any other purpose.

Is it safe to send photos by courier?

ScanCorner has designed an integrated and centralised supply chain system to ensure that your photos remain safe throughout the process. Nowadays, courier companies carry valuable articles all over the world. We recommend that you use a reputable courier company with a robust tracking facility.
On receiving your package, we will send you an acknowledgement and you can track the progress of your order via our email notifications. Return shipment can be tracked through Australia Post's ’Track my order’ utility. Our office is also equipped with security systems and 24 hour surveillance to safeguard your treasured images. If you live within travelling distance of Perth, you are free to drop your photos at our agent in Subiaco. Check their hours and location on their website.

Are my photos kept confidential?

Absolutely!! Your photos are kept confidential and are not distributed, sold or used for any other purpose. We are committed to the safety and security of our client’s possessions.

What safety measures do you take during scanning?

Our scanning facility is manned by security personnel 24x7 and is monitored virtually using IP Cameras installed in various locations. Moreover, the scanning facility has an RFID access system to allow restricted entry with strict rules against tailgating. All the data transfer devices are deactivated at the scanning facility to restrict any kind of data transfer. All images are placed in a central server with multiple backups.
All our media professionals are trained to use the highest standard of safeguards while scanning your photo albums, negatives and slides. We use compressed air to clean negatives and slides, wherever it is necessary to remove dust and other particles. A high grade photo cleaner is used to clean printed photos. So, your photos are most definitely in safe hands!!

What if there is a problem with the order?

We do our best to resolve all problems related to the order, free of charge. This includes billing issues, quality issues and any other miscellaneous problems with the order. Please also note, we retain the original scans in our archives for about 45 days after the order is complete. Thereafter, the high resolution scans are deleted in the system to free up the storage space.So, if you have any issues, please do inform us 45 days in advance.

When will my registration details be deleted?

If you haven’t logged in for a year, we’ll delete your account. If you want us to delete your account earlier, please mail us at

How can I open an account?

It is very simple. You can directly place an order at, then account will be automatically created. The account credentials will be sent to you via email. You can login later to check the status of the order.

What to do if there are problems with the order or the labeling of the photos, slides etc.?

We do our very best to keep the order and sequence that you wanted for the scanned pictures. However, at our scale, we can’t commit to checking the labels and sequence of the pictures. Once the images are scanned and restored, those are uploaded to online gallery as thumbnails. In the gallery, you can check the sequence of images. This preview offers our customers a unique possibility to report possible errors and we’ll do our best in correcting the errors.

My order status is still in 'Order Received'. When can I expect the digitized images?

We process the orders in the order of their arrival. From the date we receive your order, it takes us approximately one month till we send you a link for the online gallery and approximately 6 weeks till you receive the CD/DVD with your scanned pictures. If you need pictures on a high priority, please send us an email at We shall then prioritize your order.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we do accept international orders. We have FedEx shipment pickup facility for all the countries FedEx has presence in. So, we can arrange a shipment pickup from your home. Shipping and handling of international orders incur an additional “customs fee”. This is mainly levied on bound books. To place an international order, you use our standard online order form. In the description mention the country from where the order is placed. Please do note that shipping charges are extra.

I want to change my account details, can I change those?

Absolutely! You can change your account details whenever you like. Go to and login using your login details. Then click on the My Account tab on the top menu bar. It will take you to your profile. There you can click on edit profile and change your account information. Changing account information won't, in any manner, affect your order information.

Can I check my order status online?

Yes, you can check your order status online. Login to using the login details and click on the My Account tab on the menu bar. There you see a link called My Orders, click on the link and it will show you all the orders. Click on each order and it will display the order status and other related information.

What are your customer service hours?

Our service hours: 10:00 – 18:00hrs IST Monday to Saturday.

To which address should I ship my pictures?

Please place the order online and then ship the order to the below address
#602, Aruna Towers,
6-3-661/10/1&2, Sangeet Nagar,
Somajiguda, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500082
Ph: +91 40 4221 8938


Why has ScanCorner setup scan processing center in India?

Since the beginning, ScanCorner’s scanning processes were located in Hyderabad, India, where a fully equipped high-tech Scan Center was established. With Hyderabad being one of India’s most prominent centres for software and business outsourcing, it was possible for ScanCorner to get the necessary support and resources. Thus, the labour-intensive processes can be executed professionally and cost-effective, ultimately benefitting the customer.

Why should you choose ScanCorner over other companies?

ScanCorner offers high quality scans at a competitive price. To our knowledge, we are the only integrated company with multinational presence in India to offer scanning of the widest variety of photo formats. We do the scanning manually as automated process has severe limitations. A resource is completely dedicated to an order who does the scanning manually, cleans and crops each and every image and then enhances the image. All this, we provide at an unbeatable price. We upload the pictures onto the server for you to download; we also burn the pictures to a DVD and ship it along with the originals. We are passionate about creating those special happy moments for our customers and our work exhibits our passion.

I want to contribute to ScanCorner, how to approach you?

Please send us an email with your CV and your imaginations at We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Can you provide the brief background of founders?

As is with any revolutionary startup firm, ScanCorner is born out of a need felt by one of our partners Eric Schreiber to scan old photoslides of his god mother in Switzerland. He was looking for a good quality and affordable scanning service and found that most of the service providers charged phenomenal rates. Then, he felt that perhaps there are many others like him who needed such services. He had a momentary discussion with his classmate Raja Upputuri and they both decided to set up a high quality scanning facility in India to service customers in Switzerland and soon they roped in their MBA senior Raghuram KS to join in their enthusiastic venture. A fourth partner, Toni Casas, soon joined to develop Spanish market.

Now, ScanCorner has invested in the best quality scanning hardware and software and have a dedicated team of media technicians and restoration engineers to offer you the best scanning output in the industry. Currently, ScanCorner services clients in India, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany and Spain.

What is the total team size working on ScanCorner?

Currently, ScanCorner is a 70 member team of highly qualified professionals, working tirelessly 24x7 to provide best service to the customers.