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DIY Video Conversion

Video conversion isn’t a rocket science, but good quality video conversion requires expertise.

Digitizing VHS – it sounds pretty complicated. But the basic process is simple: You connect the video recorder to your computer, install the appropriate software and away you go. The digital conversion is done in real time; that is, for every ten hours of video, you need to spend ten hours for the raw conversion. You also have to take into account the time it takes for the setup and the connection of the equipment, the installation of the software and any rework and post processing.

If you want your digitised videos to be of good quality you should use high-end equipment. This includes an appropriate VCR, a video card and cable. However, people will often use cheap graphics cards for analogue-digital converters, as most customers only have the built-in graphics chip available. For the best results, professional software should also be used, e.g. Adobe Premiere. This will allow you to make improvements, such as brightness adjustment.

When you leave your video digitisation to a professional service provider like ScanCorner, you can be sure that high-quality conversion equipment and software is used. Furthermore, the employees are experts in using the equipment and software to deal with any damage that may have occurred to the video tapes over the years. The amount of time also plays a major role in video digitisation since, as mentioned above, the conversion takes place in real time. To learn more about ScanCorner Service click here.