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Pricing for Audio & Additional Services

Audio Cassettesaudio cassette for digital conversion$0.35/min
Our ServicePriceDescription
Online GalleryFreeAfter digitization, images are uploaded to an online gallery and the link is sent.
Personalized DVD$8.00We create a highly personalized DVD with your images on DVD cover.
Download LinkFreeYou receive a download link containing the high resolution images, which will be available for only 15 days.
Additional Download Link$1.00/GbWithin 45 days of order completion, if you require additional download link, we will provide upon request.
Additional DVD(s)$8.00/DVDYou receive another set of DVDs in a special DVD box.
TIFF Files (not available for videos)+$0.30/ImageYou get the high resolution raw files in TIFF format.
Extensive RestorationDepends on the image
We will provide a quotation based on your scanned original image. Contact us for further information/instructions
8 Gb USB$15.00
16 Gb USB$20.00
32 Gb USB$30.00
64 Gb USB$50.00
512 Gb Hard Disk$100.00
1 Tb Hard Disk$140.00
Own HDD handling charge$30.00

Bulk Discount Codes

Reward for Custom

Our pricing is already very competitive, even without considering the comprehensive range of services we include for no extra cost. However, as a small reward for your custom, we can offer a range of discounts for large orders that fall within certain order quantities. Just quote the relevant code when filling out our online order form. We’ll verify your media count when we process your order and apply the discount when we issue your invoice. Simple!

$500 compensation in the extremely unlikely event of loss

We attach great importance to the careful tracking of your media – we guarantee it will be well-protected throughout both the scanning process and the transportation between ScanCorner locations. We are so confident in our processes that if your items (minimum order value $100) are lost while in our possession, we will provide a one-time payment of $500 [coverage excludes loss during forward or return post].