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Why Choose ScanCorner?

ScanCorner strives to offer you Australia’s best value image scanning and video capture and conversion service. Our standardised workflows cover a comprehensive range of tasks that aim to create the optimum quality of output for still images and moving pictures.

Our scanning service incorporates everything required, even including manual cleaning of your media and also preserving any required organisation of your resulting media files. Most importantly, our workflow involves manual post-processing by skilled technicians – not push button “auto-enhance” via software.

We have benchmarked our prices and are confident you won’t find cheaper rates for a comparable level of service.

See how the ScanCorner service works . . .

Our service is all-inclusive!

We provide everything your images and video need in order to have them looking their best

Scroll down and explore all the treatment we give your images and videos

And amazing value for money

Price comparison for negative scans

Our price 49 cents
Their price 76+ cents

Total Images Scanned to Date


Dust & Scratch Removal
Scanning with Digital ICE enabled hardware and manual digital editing as appropriate.

Colour Correction
We manually adjust brightness, contrast and colour balance for each image.

Red Eye Removal
When manually adjusting your images, we take the opportunity to remove red eyes caused by the use of flash.

Edge Cropping
We manually crop to remove any white borders, slide mount edges etc.

We rotate your images so they are correctly oriented as landscape or portrait.

We scan at high resolution for optimal quality and file size.

Our service includes a number of value added deliverables

At no extra cost we offer you an online gallery that you can share with friends and family and a download link that can also be shared if desired. If you decide to opt for a DVD of your post-processed scan and video files, we personalise the disk with images from your order, for easier identification of its contents.

Free Online Gallery

Review your newly scanned files and share your gallery with friends and relatives, if desired.

Your Online Gallery

Your gallery will consist of low resolution thumbnail images. Please note that only you have access to this password protected area and that it is your choice whether or not you wish to share this gallery with other people.

After completing your order, the gallery will automatically be deleted after 45 days.

Optional DVD(s)

Need a DVD - We'll personalise it with a selection of your images just for you!

We Personalise Your DVD

If opting for a DVD (in addition to your free download), you will receive your manually processed high-resolution images in JPEG format (also in TIFF format, if you have selected this option) with personalised label and case. For video tapes and movies, you will also receive a personalised DVD, with the converted videos stored in VOB autoplay format as standard.

Free download link

The convenience of a download link adds further value to our service

Your files are available for download as soon as we receive payment

At ScanCorner we are always looking for better ways to enhance the value of the service we provide. Now you no  longer need to wait for your DVD to arrive since we provide our customers with a download link of their finalised digital files.

Our undertakings virtually eliminate any risk

Lastly, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as our Careful Handling Guarantee where we undertake to compensate you for up to a sum of $500 in the extremely unlikely event we lose your media while in our care.  (Check our T&C’s for details.) Additionally we guarantee your media is manually processed, and there is nothing to pay until you have seen your finalised scans as low resolution proofs in your online gallery (or an indicative clip if your order involved video or film conversion).