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Thank you very much for the super service. The pictures are great and the prices pretty reasonable. It is fantastic that I kept being informed about the status of my order. Everything went smoothly and I will definitely recommend you. Cheers.

- Regular Häring, May-25-16

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- hacked by \"Mr.p@r@dox17\", Apr-13-16

First I tried to get my transparencey\'s scanned locally with terrible results at a top price. I searched online and found scan corner. I was causious at first as I knew my precious scans would be going to India. Well let me tell you the service was impecable, the scans fantastic, the price so cheap and not only did I receive my scans back, plus online high res images but also a CD. I will be sending ScanCorner all my work from now on and encourage anyone to use this amazing service. Thanks ScanCorner!!

- Marc Hummer, Apr-13-16

Thank you very much for the fantastic work. Finally, i can see the old videos of my children again and remember the good old days of the past. I am fully satisfied with the results and will recommend you to my friends. 

- Marianka Lukas, Feb-15-16

Thank you very much, Team ScanCorner. You delivered huge enjoyment with your outstanding work. Best decision in a long time :-) The next order is already on its way. 

- Esther D., Feb-08-16

I am very satisfied with the quality of work and service of ScanCorner.  

- J. Nösberger, Feb-02-16

The pictures are pretty good.

- H. Hürzeler, Jan-21-16

The scan quality, saturation and contrast were all fine - which is what I\'ve come to expect of ScanCorner. In general, I was, and have been, satisfied with the service.

- Ian McKay, Jan-08-16

We are very satisfied with the service. We have just sent 6 more videos to digitise.

- Irene Brancher, Jan-03-16

Trouble-free process including frequent updates about the current status of the order. I expected a slightly better correction of the tracking stripes but I am nevertheless very happy and satisfied with the result of the VHS scans.

- Stephen Eggenschwiler, Dec-31-15

I am very satisfied with the digitisation and I will recommend your service in the future.

- Moser Gilbert, Dec-26-15

We are very pleased with your service. You have saved our precious memories. Thanks for answering our questions regarding the order correctly and quickly.

- Dr.Marta Straub, Dec-08-15

I am very pleased with the results and will order again . Paul Roth

- Paul Roth, Dec-06-15

Good order handling and communication.

- André Wyttenbach, Oct-06-15

Good and reliable work. Highly recommended.

- Marco Di Giovanni, Oct-05-15

Good service at best price. Very satisfied. Thanks.

- heemskerk harry, Oct-05-15

I am fully satisfied with the scanning of the slides, but the photo negatives are missing a touch of colour. However, the order was mainly about the slides so it was worth it in any case.

- Spring Martin, Oct-02-15

Everything worked out perfectly; the constant updates were much appreciated. We can recommend this to everyone.

- Bernardo Egli, Sep-24-15

Very good service and professional order processing including status messages.

- Köthe Remo, Sep-19-15

The pictures are of good quality.

- Eduard Gasser, Sep-14-15

I am satisfied with the process, quality and the result. I will order again at ScanCorner.

- rotter helmut, Sep-01-15

Everything was fine.

- Hugo Kruip, Aug-28-15


- Frank Bersch, Aug-28-15

I am happy with the quality of the scanned images.

- Heinz Frey, Aug-25-15

All is at its best. Thanks for the rapid execution!

- Peter Frei, Aug-25-15

Everything is perfect. Thank you!!

- marina candrian, Aug-18-15

The final product was of excellent quality.

- Camila, Aug-17-15

Great job! The films have been digitized really good. We recommend this further.

- Jakob Blumer, Aug-14-15

Looks good!

- Peter Röthlisberger, Aug-04-15

Satisfied with the service.

- Brigitte Reutter, Jul-27-15

I am satisfied with the quality of the scanned pictures (B/ W and color) and the slides.

- Horst Kleinwechter, Jul-25-15

Super Service , including the downloadfunction, we are very satisfied.

- Markus Kneubuehler, Jul-24-15

Very high qualitiy - good explanation of the work flow including the dl-link for the photos.

- Kunz, Jul-23-15

Super Service. Everything worked out fine. There is nothing to complain about.

- Fritz, Jul-22-15

Picture quality is excellent . Thank you very much.

- Fuss Lorenz, Jul-19-15

Top quality at favorable price !!! Thank you very much!

- ruedi senn, Jul-19-15

I am extremely pleased with the photos that you have scanned. I had already recommended ScanCorner to my friends and will recommend any time in the future. Thank you.

- K. Ratoliska, Jul-17-15

I am fully satisfied with the settlement of the contract. It was settled as promised. I recommend ScanCorner.

- Dr. Günter Prescher, Jul-11-15

Absolutely perfect Service . 100% recommended!!

- Ballarini Elsbeth, Jul-05-15

Time to time information on order status, quality, price and service is very good. Thanks again!

- D. Garcia, Jun-30-15

The resolution and color balance of the scans are too good! Thank You Very Much. Yours sincerely Robert Abt.

- Robert Abt, Jun-29-15

Excellent scans and great service - nothing is too much trouble for the helpful and communicative staff. I plan to send more transparencies! Many thanks.

- David Williams, Jun-29-15

Pleased with the quality of the photos.

- Rodney Enderby, Jun-27-15

I am very pleased!

- Toni, Jun-14-15

Good Service, handled by professionals and friendly customer service. 

- Reineke , Jun-13-15

Good service, good price, fast delivery.

- PeterM, Jun-13-15

My entire archive (almost 2,500 negatives, b/w and color) was digitized in an excellent manner. Even some bad negatives are upgraded. Information on order status, time to time, is much appreciated. Smooth handling and all the negatives were returned in perfect condition. 

- Cor, Jun-13-15

Beautiful results and smooth handling. 

- piet, Jun-13-15

Good quality digitization of about 30-35 years old slides. 

- Henk, Jun-13-15

Everything completely fulfilled as agreed on high quality scans. 

- Bert, Jun-13-15

With this I want to mention that I am very satisfied with the digitization of our super 8 films. It was too long ago that we had seen the pictures. We will definitely recommend ScanCorner to our friends and acquaintances.

- Anton, Jun-13-15

I was well informed of the process. I really like the photos on the DVD and on the cover and slideshow meets expectations. Thank you for the attention and service. 

- Peter, Jun-13-15

Quick settlement without whining afterwards. Beautiful DVDs of old memories. 

- Michael, Jun-13-15

Two times I placed an order with Scan Corner and I am very satisfied! The first time I digitized a VHS and the quality of my DVD is exactly the quality that I saw previously on VHS tape! The second time too, I am very satisfied with the result !! 

- Sander, Jun-13-15

Got my 8mm film digitized and I am very happy with the result.

- Jaap, Jun-13-15

Good communication with the customer care and fast service.

- Ruben, Jun-13-15

Great quality and fastly done. We have a lot of very old material and were reluctant to digitize it, but with these prices we could try it once easily and the quality is really great and is often even better than the original.  

- Carla, Jun-13-15

Fast delivery. 

- Linda, Jun-13-15

Good quality final product. Friendly service. Very well and securely packaged. 

- Tammy, Jun-13-15

Pretty sharp and fast professional photo scanning service. 

- hjw, Jun-13-15

Good agreements. You will be well informed of the progress of the order. Shipping was handled very carefully. The quality is surprisingly good given the age of the cassettes. 

- Paul, Jun-13-15

Top service where customers will be really valued! Thank you for the high quality digital copies of Hi8 tapes.

- Kees, Jun-11-15

Good quality scans.

- Diana, Jun-11-15

The execution was neat and performed as desired.

- Jacques Poulus, Jun-11-15

I was received very well when I went down to get the pictures. I was given a good explanation of the order process and how it went completely. The order was easy to follow. I could almost immediately see all the photos via regular emails and online via a download link. The scans are very nice. I am very pleased and will certainly send more photos to scan.

- Charlotte, Jun-11-15

They processed the video tapes as promised. I was kept informed of the progress. Thanks for the great help. 

- Ruud , Jun-11-15

Good interaction. To them customer satisfaction is the top priority. 

- Simon, Jun-11-15

I had a stack of very old slides of about forty years old, of my travels and deceased animals. ScanCorner did a fantastic job and put them neatly on a DVD with nice cover. I got tears in my eyes after I saw the scans. I am very happy. I highly recommend ScanCorner.

- Veronica, Jun-11-15

My old slides came to life, better than they were once. Great job! The past is again present and it is much better than the past.

- Christophe, Jun-11-15

I am very happy with the result. Thank you!!

- Imhof Robert, Jun-09-15

I am very happy with the quality and the time to time informatin on the order status. I am very satisfied from price-performance point of view.

- Christian Schrank, Jun-08-15

Thanks for your delivery. Quality is very good and your service too.Very happy!!

- Deutsch Jürgen, Jun-06-15

Great service, fast process (slides to digital) and very well made (online, DVD, DVD sticker and cover) and very nice people at the reception!

- Fons, Jun-04-15

I am extremely happy with the restoration work done. I have a lot of old pictures and slides. I am relying on ScanCorner to do an excellent job as always.

- Soumitra Bhattacharya, Jun-01-15

All is good. I am very happy with the service.

- Jens Vogel, May-28-15

I could always check the status of the order online. The customer care is very friendly and efficient. They kept me informed with the timely updates of the status by giving quick response to the queries. Price, performance and customer friendliness is what I liked the most. Thanks for your work.

- Jacqueline Furrer, May-28-15

Thank you! The pictures look great!

- Jana Stark, May-28-15

I am very happy with the films. It is a beautiful priceless reminder for us. It is now quite simple to view on our computer. Thank you for your good work - Sincerely Susanne Wismer

- Susanne wismer, May-20-15

Super!! I still have many more collections with me and will definitely place another order with ScanCorner.

- Herbert Frangesch, May-19-15

Exceptionally good quality with color and black and white negatives. Price/ performance ratio is very good. Am completely satisfied and more orders will follow!

- Peter Ihl, May-19-15

Great processing. I am very happy. Thanks also for the nice labeling. Cheers :-)

- Manuela Schlichtling, May-15-15

I\'m very satisfied with the result of the digitization of my VHS - C tapes. Price-performance ratio is convincing. Thank you and best regards - Günther Nightingale

- Günther Nachtigall, May-15-15

I am satisfied with the value for money and the results. I will recommend ScanCorner. Thanks!

- Prisca Kronenberg, May-09-15

The digitization of the video is really very good .

- Cornelia Huser, May-07-15

Good implementation of the order. For delayed processing, weekly Infomails helped a lot.

- Birgitta, May-07-15

I\'m very satisfied with the quality of the photos.

- Thomas Heinzmann, May-02-15

I am very satisfied with your service.

- Jürgmeier, May-02-15

I am surprised with the quality of the scanned photos. Even the old, faded photos were brought back to life again. I would highly recommend it .

- Rita, May-02-15

All is ok. Good implementation.

- Bolzern Ruedi, May-02-15

High quality work.  After review, all my remarks were taken into account (only a few dozens for more than 8500 scans). Thank you

- Manell Zakharia, Apr-30-15

I am very satisfied with the quality of the scanned images.

- Stefan Heuer, Apr-25-15

The service was smooth and they developed good digital images.

- Francis , Apr-20-15

Very satisfied and happy that the slides are now available digital and easy to access.

- Jäggi Hans-Ruedi, Apr-19-15

The wait was worth it. Thank you for the great job. The whole process was very professional. The respective Info mails, the state of the order were very helpful. Everything went well.

- Alfredo Lehmann, Apr-18-15

Image quality is very good.

- frank grosser, Apr-13-15

I am satisfied with the quality, thank you.

- Joachim Wasescha, Mar-18-15

The work and everything that runs on the PC is good! The telephone accessibility could be better! Kind regards PN

- Peter Nover, Feb-25-15

Price and quality are good . The delivery time is a bit long . Will recommend service.

- Daniel Werren, Feb-17-15

I am happy with the quality of the low resolution images in picture gallery very much. 

- Paul Aepli, Feb-16-15

Thank you for the opportunity to watch the movies . As far as I can see everything is good, except MD 33.jpg and MD9jpg . In both of these the sound is almost always off , and distorts the image .

- Matthias Küng, Feb-15-15

Excellent handling with excellent uninterrupted information by e -mail. These extremely high quality of the scans that gets the best out of the material . I will comission ScanCorner at the next opportunity . It would be desirable only if they had the option of individual images that can later be ordered through the web gallery in TIFF quality in order to have an optimal basis for further processing.

- Thomas Schall, Feb-14-15

Very good film quality. I would order here again .

- Bahr, Feb-12-15

I\'m excited and have already sent a follow-up order

- Franz Osterwald , Feb-09-15

Very satisfied! In a scoring system I would give you the maximum number of points. I like to take your services again and can recommend it.

- Erich Löschberger, Jan-31-15

Good service, excellent quality of digital images , highly recommended .

- Joseph Steiner, Jan-28-15

I am very satisfied with the photos. The settlement was also perfectly done.Thanks

- Schottke, Jan-23-15

I am very satisfied with the quality of scanned images. I was given time to time update of the internal processes of the entire ordering process.

- Kl, Jan-22-15

Prompt service and best quality. Highly recommended !

- Müller Walter, Jan-22-15

All photos are of  good quality. Only drawback was that return parcel was open with negatives.

- Hans-Joerg Scheitlin, Jan-22-15

Great service. Promptly done. Good prices.

- Monika Heinrich, Jan-20-15

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to sincerely thank you again for the sensational photos. The service was great, it was always up to date with what was going on currently. I have already recommended ScanCorner for many more.Love Regards L.Looser

- Looser, Jan-18-15

Good quality , thank you !

- Borgeaud, Jan-18-15

All is ok.

- Koch, Jan-18-15

Very good.

- a Marca Myrtha, Jan-18-15

I am happy and have already recommended ScanCorner .

- Häne Koni, Jan-17-15

Thank you very much. I am very satisfied. The long delivery time does not really matter when digitizing old slides.

- Baechler, Jan-17-15

I am very pleased with the work being performed. I was able to follow the progress of work status. The final product was created with high quality and loved the designed DVD. Much Obliged!

- Markus Kübler, Jan-17-15

Rated on a scale of 1-10=10.Fantastic what they have done to my slides. I am 100% satisfied. Much obliged.

- Koller Peter, Jan-16-15

Good quality and cheap . Unfortunately, I had to wait a long time for the delivery . Thanks anyway and a successful year 2015.

- Gmür, Jan-16-15

Very good execution .

- Eric Buchli, Jan-16-15

Absolutely great care , with top quality result ! Very happy again !

- John Fasel, Jan-16-15

With the digitization of about 350 slides with different frame , I am very satisfied. I will recommend you . 

- Hermann Bertschi, Jan-16-15

All videos are digitalised to my complete satisfaction . Right price performance ratio . I have also  given a new scan job which is in progress. Highly recommended.

- Marc Maurer, Jan-16-15

The quality of the scanned slides is very good. The wait time is shorter than expected. The customer service is just great ! A big thank you to your staff. Only downside : the chronological order of the slides was wrong partly consistent with that of the scanned photos . Nevertheless, I will use your service again and can recommend ScanCorner.

- Ernestine Lötscher, Jan-16-15

Thank you for your service . I am very happy with the result and with your service ! I will recommend further

- Thomas Siegen, Jan-16-15

The quality of digital images from negatives is perfect and very good. Highly recommended. Only your delivery deadlines are beyond good and evil ! Why does it take between the beginning and the end of the digitization of 60 negatives 20 days is beyond me .

- Kurt Schmid, Jan-16-15

Even though it took longer than it was planned, I would do it again, great processing of my video tapes to DVD, very well processed, the sound were improved, it could not be better ... Thanks again

- Florian Ullrich, Jan-13-15

Wow, this is in every reescpt what I needed to know.

- Demarlo, Jan-03-15

I\'m very satisfied with the quality and your delivery. I will recommend your company.

- Rolf Dera, Dec-28-14

I am very happy with the result

- Rainer Wrona, Dec-23-14

Everything went great and the quality is good. Will the next send the next cartridge. Thank you and Merry Christmas Ralf Leonhardt

- Leonhardt , Dec-23-14

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the scanned slides.

- Hans Joachim Limmer, Dec-12-14

Perfect! Not more and not less! I will wholeheartedly recommend ScanCorner

- Martina Höfel, Dec-11-14

We are very satisfied with the results and amazed that even fairly bad slides are digitized very well.

- N.C.Heinrich, Dec-10-14

I am very happy !!! The communication, price, delivery time; everything was great and of course the results! Many thanks!

- Dr. Ricardo Scherer, Dec-10-14

I am completely satisfied with the quality and the processing time of my order.

- Detlef Krüger, Dec-10-14

very satisfied, great customer service. Good scan quality. We will definetely come back.  

- weber, Dec-05-14

I provided 2700 slides to Scancorner and they did a professional and efficient job. The price was very competitive and the service was good. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to convert their slides to digital format

- Andre Confavreux, Dec-02-14

 I have received the above order. They are lovely.  Thank you  for all your help and friendliness and expertise.   Thank you once again.

- Mrs Valerie Burgess, Nov-11-14

Dear sir: We are very pleased with your excellent recent digital work (Reference Order 9869 (IN 1472 from P. Harish). The restored photos are also very good. The digital 8 mm movie conversion to DVDs was great. I am very pleased with your service and I will recommend your work to all of my friends. Your prompt help is appreciated. Thank you

- Sekhara Rao Basavaraju, Nov-08-14

Thank you, perfect! Super service

- Furrer Cornel, Nov-08-14

We found your staff very helpful and knowledgeable about your service. My 80yr old parents have finally viewed there wedding day photographs of nearly 60 years ago in colour. They were over the moon and couldn\'t stop looking at them. Many thanks to ScanCorner....

- B Hughes, Nov-07-14

I loved your blog article. Really Cool. 

- Johnd985, Sep-18-14

Brilliant - at last we can look at my wife\'s collection of slides from her time in East and South Africas as well as some family photographs. It was all very easy. I can now also edit the pictures with Photoshop as well as getting some printed off for the older brigade who don\'t have computers.

- Paul Petrovitch, Sep-03-14

Couldn\'t have been happier with the service and so happy to have our films to view again. Job was certainly completed in the time span given. Great value and would certainly recommend ScanCorner. Thanks very much

- Paula Blackburn, Aug-02-14

Thank you The pictures are great and will certainly convey your service further. Value for money very good. However, it is very long, but you have plenty of time.

- Charlotte Schafflützel, Jul-22-14

I\'m very pleased with the DVD \\ \'s Finally we can look at the old movies again! Thank you so much!

- Daniela Donno, Jul-20-14

Very pleased with your service and the quality of the reproductions of my slides thanks.

- Laurie Garrod, Jul-16-14

Actually, I\'m satisfied. But have found that images of photos better than coming from negatives. Will therefore again a few photos to send from scanned negatives, so I can see the result. Otherwise, everything worked just great, many thanks and kind regards Elisabeth Probst

- Elisabeth Probst, Jul-13-14

I am very satisfied with the quality and the process of the order. Unfortunately, it took a little long, but the slides were 50 years in the cellar, so it was ok. PS: Today I placed another order and will soon drop off the slides. Thanks a lot

- Bruno Beusch, Jul-11-14

We had about 6000 pictures and ordered them digitalized. We were impressed by the quality and real good service. We will always use ScanCorner again. Reliable work! Well done. We are very happy!

- Birgit Huber, Jul-10-14

Quality very good Duration: Administrative process for far too long: very good site: very good payment processing: very good

- Peter Hutter, Jul-09-14

Good day. I am very satisfied with the image enhancement and now I enjoy ito my images in digital format. The long processing time, however, surprised me. Otherwise, I\'m satisfied.

- Düker, Jul-08-14

It took a little long, but the result is OK.

- Dieter Bongardt, Jul-02-14

Unfortunately, it took almost three months this time but it was worth the wait. you did an amazing job and I am glad that I can watch the movies again. I\'ll send some more for sure.

- Kupferschmidt, Jul-02-14

This time it took a little long, but the quality is perfect!

- Karin Brändle, Jun-18-14

I\'m highly satisfied with the quality, clarity and order of the scanned photos, as well as with the overall view on the internet, the CD \'s and the price-performance ratio. The customer support was personal, friendly and efficient.

- Anja Nevanlinna, Jun-05-14

Good work, I\'d do it happily again!

- Roland Süess, Jun-01-14

Very good quality of the scans! I\'m very happy with the handling and the result! I can only recommend this service. Rainer Ziegler

- Rainer Ziegler, May-26-14

Everything fine

- rd, May-25-14

The scan quality is high and the result is really good. The color spectrum was shifted slightly to greenish colors but this was easy to correct.Some negatives have been restored in an outstanding way as they were in a quite bad condition. Keep it up!

- Frank Fiedler, May-16-14

the order has been executed to my complete satisfaction

- Reinhart Mährle, May-12-14

Price / performance ratio was top! I am pleased and would use this service again!

- P., May-12-14

Impeccable quality at a fair price, I\'d order again.

- Frank Führer, May-12-14

very good handling, but the processing time was a little longer then expected.

- Riesner, May-09-14

Thank you for preserving our old memories. Now we have access at anytime to our pictures and we can print or archive them. Good service

- Marion Licht, Apr-25-14

Amazing service! Friendly and competent telephone customer contact and complete information at each step of the digitization. Complying with all agreements made on the telephone. Do not expect, however, that things are done "overnight". You should expect some waiting time in any case.

- Moldenhauer, Apr-21-14

The quality of the digitized slides is excellent. Although it took quite long, but it\'s ok. The price is fine.

- Messmer Horst, Apr-17-14

The whole family is looking forward already to the next order

- Böddeker, Apr-17-14

Good job,just the processing time was a bit long!

- Susanne Hanss, Apr-15-14

scan-corner digitized my old slides from the 60s and 70s exactly as I wanted it to be: competent and reasonably priced. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much

- Rudolf Deil, Apr-15-14

Super order processing, file preview fine. The quality of the scans is excellent, price is really reasonable, however, was with my Instamatic negatives up or down because something plenty of cut ... obviously these negatives are a real problem. Still, I\'m largely satisfied with the results

- Keil, Apr-15-14

Good day. It took a long time until the job was handled. But the quality is convincing. At any time gladly again. MfG. H.Huber

- Heinrich Huber, Apr-15-14

Absolutely satisfied! I did not think that out of our 25 year old slides so much quality could be extracted .  the online gallery is super . I will recommend ScanCorner to our friends. thank you very much

- Liz Shepherd, Apr-15-14

Everything was fine! The next order is already ready. With regards, Rolf Zarth

- Rolf Zarth, Apr-14-14

Excellent job. Especially how you fixed the broken video cassette. Thanks again!

- Nary Moin, Mar-31-14

The quality is good, but the processing time was very long.

- Christian F., Mar-26-14

A -, the overall processing time was a little long, otherwise it would have been A.

- Klöpper, Mar-24-14

The quality of your work is excellent and the processing as well as the regular status updates were exemplary. Overall grade: A

- Hans-Jürgen Klauke, Mar-21-14

Everything was great. Best quality. I\'d do it anytime again.

- Ingo Neumann, Mar-20-14

Very good service. Long processing time, which does not bother, because the result is always good. 

- Hettich, Christian, Mar-10-14

small inconsistencies in the scan results. Good image quality. Very good value for money. Recommendation: YES

- Eric Bracher, Mar-07-14

Best service and top quality! Can only recommend. 

- Luciano Sigura, Mar-06-14

Thanks for the re-awakened memories! We are very satisfied with the results of the scanned slides!

- Ariane Graf, Mar-05-14

Majority satisfied. 35mm negative scans are great! Good work overall, which would have cost myself years!

- Christoph Marbach, Mar-05-14

I am very satisfied with the quality of work. I have just placed second order. Only the long waiting time is to be reduced, but as the saying goes: Good things come to those who wait!

- Andrea Solbrig Sage, Mar-03-14

Can\'t fault anything

- Urben Martin, Feb-25-14

Quality is very good, price-performance ratio excellent, communication confusing, delivery time a bit long (not reallly a problem). Kind regards.

- Peter Kistler, Feb-23-14

I am very satisfied with the work. The price was good. 

- Dr. Ziemba, Feb-21-14

Pictures were very good. Packaging and shipping were perfect. Thank You

- gall-koblofsky, Feb-20-14

Great Service. Very Good Quality. Already recommended

- Schulthess, Feb-20-14

Everything ok, you can recommend without any restrictions.

- Werner Kunz, Feb-20-14

Thanks for the smooth processing of the two scan jobs. Everything worked perfectly and the quality of the scanned images is good.

- Wyssling Urs, Feb-20-14

Scan result is great. The processing time is long but good things take time... I will certainly place an order.

- Markus Würtz, Feb-05-14

We would like to thank you for your outstanding work. Another order will follow as soon as possible! Yours sincerely, Peter Kuhn - Photographer / designer / cultural mediator

- Peter Kuhn, Jan-31-14

I\'m very satisfied with your service. I\'ll gladly come back to you again.

- Fässler, Jan-30-14

Scan quality is good. But the slides aren\'t numbered the way I expected, although they were sorted numerically.

- Eichenberger Markus, Jan-29-14

I\'m very satisfied. It takes quite a while, but it\'s worth to wait and the price is absolutely fair. I can only recommend it.

- Wolff Andrea, Jan-27-14

Great handling, complete information and the movies are in an amazing quality - especially considering that they were lying around for 40 years. Thank you so much!

- Claudia Fischer, Jan-24-14

Everything was so wonderful, I was always kept up to date on the progress. The service was perfect. I can only recommend it.

- Marita, Jan-13-14

Everything went well. The whole process took some time. But I was informed about the order progress at each stage. 

- Heike Biscosi, Dec-27-13

I am highly satisifed with the quality of service and price. But it took long time to process the order. May be you guys can improve a bit on overall turn around time. 

- Ralf Tietjen, Dec-20-13

Perfect service, great images, amazing enhancement and faultless communication. 5 stars

- Michael Schirmer, Dec-12-13

Thank you for transfering my Mini DV tapes! The processing went smoothly, the quality is very good and the memories all come back up! I\'ll recommend you!

- Gunter Nittbaur, Dec-09-13

Excellent service! Everything is perfect here: quality, price, ease of use, etc. I\'ll definitely come back ...  

- Jules Zimmermann, Dec-06-13

Easy order processing, good quality, very nice, helpful and competent staff

- Masoumi, Dec-04-13

A great service - fast and cheap - have already recommended ScanCorner ... Thank you :)

- Gabriella Indergand, Dec-02-13

Great service, accurate tracking of the order, good quality and nice presentation of the images.

- Philipp Thurnheer, Dec-01-13

We are very satisfied with the service and the "finished product". The prices are fair

- Peter Daniels, Nov-30-13

Super! The quality of the scans is amazing and though the processing was not very fast, it was transparent and reliable. The preview of the scanned images was very nice. I\'ll happily come again!

- schall, Nov-30-13

First of all, the quality of the images (scans from old black & white negative strips) was great! Also, you are always informed about the progress of the work and you\'ll receive a link to the images once they are scanned. Finally you receive a nice designed DVD. Everything was really perfect! I already placed the next order :-)

- Adrian Streuli, Nov-28-13

Great work. We recommended you already.

- Bellorti, Nov-27-13

Thanks for the top service. We are highly satisfied.

- spörri claudia, Nov-25-13

Manual enhancement of the slides is really good. Pictures came out really well. Thanks and kind regards, M. Huck 

- Huck, Nov-22-13

Everything worked out great. It\'s great that these photos are digitized now. Thank you.

- Horber Erika, Nov-21-13

Great quality, amazing results. We are happy to have our old "treasures" also in digital format now. It took a while, but it\'s true: quality takes time. Thanks for the special offer on Groupon!

- Birgit, Nov-18-13

I am very happy with my first order to ScanCorner! More orders are expected to follow ..!

- Beat Witzig, Nov-13-13

Everything fine, happy again. Thank you.

- Zechmann, Nov-13-13

Extremely satisfied

- Marc Meyer, Nov-10-13

Good quality of images, highly reliable, regular information on the status of digitization. Definitely recommend ScanCorner 

- Ilka, Nov-09-13

I sent some photos of our son that were made by a newborn photographer many years ago. It all worked out great, super fast processing. I\'m very happy and if I want to digitize photos again, I know where I need to go. Good price performance ratio. I can only recommend this company

- Monika, Nov-08-13

very good work, I enjoy watching the old photographs in good quality on the PC

- Philipp Krall, Nov-07-13

Uncomplicated handling, everything was great. Thank you.

- Thesing, Nov-04-13

Very good, although it takes a relatively long time. But you will be informed in advance about it.

- Dagmar, Oct-30-13

Very happy with the results and service. The process was a bit long, but I was regularly informed by e-mail about the order status. Thanks a lot!

- Christa Wedhorn, Oct-26-13

I got prompt responses for my requests and the order progress was smooth. I am very satisfied.

- Otto Haas, Oct-25-13

Great, everything worked really fine. Price / performance ratio was perfect.

- Urs Gäggeler, Oct-21-13

Everything has worked out perfectly. We are very pleased with the photos and the videos. Anita Argger

- Anita Aregger, Oct-10-13

The digitization process worked fine. The order of my slide collection was kept as I wanted. I\'ll use your service again to digitize more slides and photos.

- Werner Ricke, Oct-10-13

Great processing of the slides (partly more then 50 years old), very nice DVD incl. the box. Although it took a while, it was worth it.

- Regina Niederreiner, Oct-08-13

great job

- Dr. Stieber Gabriele, Oct-01-13

Everything went fine. Highly recommended.

- Gerhard Albus, Sep-27-13

The whole order processing was very professional and tailored to the customer. Good quality and good price-performance ratio. However, a long waiting time. But being the holiday season, this is understandable.

- Robert Laufersweiler, Sep-27-13

I was very satisfied the with process and quality. Also the appearance of the CDs and its cover: Great! If the situation arises, I will recommend you.

- Hans J., Aug-12-13

High quality for low priced conditions.

- Pascal Winkler, Aug-09-13

Satisfied with your service and would recommend you as well.

- Yvonne Kueng, Aug-08-13

The order was completed to our fullest satisfaction.

- Schenk Liliane, Aug-05-13

Am very satisfied with the quality, processing time rather long. Best regards

- Roland Wittmann, Aug-04-13

fast, proper quality, splendid processing, no problems!!! regards

- Heiko Zenker, Aug-01-13

I am very satisfied with the editing, the quality and processing. Thank you, that my videos can be preserved this way.

- Telse Buhse, Jul-30-13

Very good price-performance ratio und good communication!

- Giorgio Girarducci, Jul-30-13

Am very pleased with the results. Pictures are in best quality and sorted in the order I sent them. Can definitely recommend the service.

- Hansjörg Stierli, Jul-25-13

Splendid! The digitized old slides are not only interesting relicts from old times, but also because of their sharpness are therefore able to get resized to a PC-monitor size to explore never before seen details.

- Matthias Brönnimann, Jul-18-13

Everything went very well. Well done on the packaging. I\'m happy with this.

- Oppermann , Jul-17-13

All in all I am very content, I didn\'t expect more. I think it was great that the pictures were exactly sorted in the manner I sent them. At the scanning-process I would wish for less scratch-removals, because in man pictures, some face were smoothed that way. This tempers with the picture more than just some tiny scratches. There is room for optimizing the shipment with more information. Upon receiving the bill, the pictures might not be done yet and the feedback form could be improved.

- Christof Mauersberger, Jul-15-13

Very good work. The standard resolution of 3000dpi suffices. The CD and packaging are done very well. Thank you very much! We will occasionally contact you with new orders. Best regards

- Wetterwald Victor, Jun-22-13

OMG, the results far exceeded my expectations. The slide were over 40 years old yet most came up looking like new!

- Phil, Jun-20-13

From the sending to the receiving of the shipment everything went well. The webaccount always informed about the current status. Only the labeling was a bit off (labeled the films as best as I could but still received the CDs with simply naming like 1,2,3 etc.). I was positively surprised that I could play the movies with different programs including music and audio. All in all very recommendable.

- Bernhart Cyrille, Jun-20-13

Superb quality - I am happy to have found ScanCorner! Definitely recommended!

Super Qualität - bin froh Scancorner gefunden zu haben ! Kann Sie nur weiterempfehlen !

- Patricia Mau, Jun-15-13

Understanding of service, quality, packaging, order process, in total I am highly satisfied with your service. Thank you all for the great work.

- Thomas, Feb-04-13

 It all looks very good, looking forward to the DVD.

- Heinrich, Jan-31-13

I am thrilled that you have taken out of the 35 year old slides and restored them so well. The CD is the birthday present for my mom. Thank You

- Helga Torbohm, Jan-30-13

 Everything was great, very affordable but long waiting time.

- Peter Kissling, Jan-28-13

 Thank you for the good work with my digital images. I was very pleased with their work and have already sent a new order.

- Hans Peter Schneider, Jan-23-13

 Good quality of digital images. Order process was good. Waiting time is bit too long

- Schneider Hanspeter, Jan-23-13

 Great service and top quality, Thank You

- Thomas Eberhart, Jan-16-13

Good quality, very good service. You will be informed at every step of the process. The order is very well packed - keep it up

- Peter, Jan-14-13

 I have tried several services of this type in the past and can confidently say ScanCorner is the best

- Mühlegg, Jan-08-13

 Quality OK! 4 weeks for delivery is bit too long

- Cotti Romano, Jan-04-13

The images of my negatives and APS films digitized by ScanCorner are to my fullest satisfaction; thanks to the friendly advice I could save a lot of time and nerves. Therefore, it is worth it to wait a slightly longer time. Recommendable

- Beat Aebi, Oct-03-12

Super price / performance. I got my 25 year old dias scanned and got great pictures at a good price. I compared several providers offering this service. No provider could match the range and price of ScanCorner.

- Hj.Kummer, Aug-30-12

the quality was good but a very slow service

- Julie McDonnell, Aug-13-12

I am delighted with the service provided and the price very reasonable.Never realized we shall have this service right at our door-steps to resurrect slides some 50 years old. Looking forward for long association.

- Keshab Pradhan (Sikkim), Jun-08-12

What a great job! 400 of my mouldering slides from the 70\'s of a year in Europe were converted into good digital images and at a rock-bottom price. I\'ve been able to email on some of the old pictures of us to our son and grandson overseas and other friends and to re-live some old memories. Thanks for the great service you gave me.

- Tony Munro, Apr-11-12

Recently I needed to make available copies of over 800 old family photos to my sisters. ScanCorner was the most competitive service I found, and the personal service I received was excellent. The quality of the scans and pricing was most pleasing. I have no hesitation in recommending ScanCorner.

- RJ McKeirnan, Feb-15-12

Thank you so much for the great job you did with my slides from the 60's. They are my memories all on one DVD which is for the Family. The cost was very , very reasonable and the turn around time was brilliant. I can recommend ScanCorner to all my friends.

- Marlene Carter, Feb-15-12

Very pleased with communication and service. Reasonable pricing.

- Michelle Williams, Feb-15-12

Very good communication and pricing.

- Michelle Williams, Feb-15-12

I am very pleased with the digitized images. The restored images are very good with no scratches and the colors are great. This even after negatives are stored in cabinet for 50 years.

- Jo Abels, Aug-17-11

Note: Testimonials listed below illustrate the feedback we received from our global customer base. ScanCorner is active in UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand & India.