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#1 Photo, Negative, Slide Scanning and VHS to DVD Conversion

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Manual Scanning

Because hands are the best scanning tools

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It All Depends on the Resolution

The resolution indicates how much of the information can be filtered out of the picture. These details are measured in pixels, which are the smallest units that can be displayed on a computer. The scan resolution, which is shown in the pictures above, affects how sharp the image will appear at a given size. The lower the scan resolution, the blurrier the image will appear when it is enlarged. In practice, this means that the resolution determines what the maximum size is that the image can be printed or displayed at while still appearing sharp.

We are convinced that scanning needs to be done at a high quality right from the start so that you are able to produce good prints of your pictures. For example, if you want to create a photo book, it is often necessary to enlarge images or parts of images. For this reason, we scan all the photos at a very high resolution so that you can use your photos for all kinds of purposes.

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