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Super 8mm Digitisation- If you want to do it yourself

Super 8mm conversion isn't a rocket science, but good quality film conversion requires tools and expertise.

The digitisation of projector material is much more complex. You need a projector, a projection screen, and a digital video camera for filming. Once again, the better the equipment used, the better the quality of digitisation. Digitising Super 8mm means a high-quality projector must be used. The area used as a projection surface must be a clean, flat, white surface and it is best to change the surrounding light conditions during digitisation.

The real difficulty is to make the digital video camera and the projector align so that you get the best picture. As with VHS digitisation, Super 8mm digitisation must also be done in real time; that is, 10 hours of footage need 10 hours of digitising time. Additional time is also required for set-up and the eventual rework.

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